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  • cocaine

    06 May 2017 22:44
    Possession of 1gm of cocaine


  • Stolen Ford Focus

    04 June 2016 12:15
    White Ford Focus (possible ST) driven by a black male with the alarm blaring. Direction Fearson street towards Waterkloof road.

    Stolen Ford Focus

  • Smelling the weed

    13 May 2015 16:50
    You know an area is going to hell when you can smell your neighbors frequently smoking marijuana.

    Smelling the weed

  • Drug deal while driving

    30 April 2015 15:32
    Guy in car exchanged a R20 note for a bag with a passenger in a taxi while driving in peak traffic

    Drug deal while driving

  • Vandalism by street begger

    02 April 2015 10:05
    Black street begger ask for money and if you don't give to him he starts to vandalize your vehicle. He puts up windscreen wipers etc. Be careful, close windows and don't give him money, ignore him completely them he leaves you alone.

    Vandalism by street begger

  • Taxi's driving illegally

    06 March 2015 17:30
    Everyday these taxi drivers pass traffic in the yellow lane, only to cut in infront. This is very dangerous..!

    Taxi's driving illegally

  • Illigal selling of liquor.

    03 March 2015 20:00
    Arrested suspect for illegal selling of liquor. With out license.

    Illigal selling of liquor.

  • Protesters on N2

    28 February 2015 11:00
    Protesters threw rocks at cars on the highway and burned tires. The N2 was closed and cars were forced to turn around and go up steam on the highway. There were more than 300 protesters.

    Protesters on N2

  • Drunk man

    23 February 2015 14:15
    There is a very drunk man leaning into the street swaying from side to side. A car attendant tried to get him out of the road and to a safer spot.

    Drunk man

  • Hijacking of Courier bakkie

    18 February 2015 09:00
    2 Black men, one with a blue shirt and one with a red shirt walked suspiciously away from a courier bakkie. The one with the red shirt waved his arms, indicating to their pick up vehicle to get them. I turned around and followed them. They drove a block away and stopped, where the one guy with the blue shirt got out, but as I approached and took pictures he went back to the passenger seat. The pick up vehicle is a municipal white bakkie. There must be at least 3 occupants inside.

    Hijacking of Courier bakkie