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App Benefits & Features

Who can use our appb

DrugSign is an application made for teachers, employers, parents, Police/security officials, emergency staff and anyone who would like to learn more about drugs and their signs and symptoms.


You can download a free version of DrugSign on iOS, Android and Windows App stores, which will enable you to screen for drugs based on Mood and Behavioral Changes and Physical Changes.

In-App Purchased

An extended version of the DrugSign App is also available through an in-app purchase. With the extended version you will receive extra info to sort drugs based on Physical Objects as well.

Crime ReportingR

We need your help to make the World a safer place. Report a crime anonymously and we will add it to our Criminalytics. Choose a crime, add details, take a pic and submit.


View all the crime hotspots, based on real crime reporting stats from our users.


We will keep your personal information secret. Uploading crimes will be completely anonymous.


After submitting symptoms, the results will be filtered from most relevant to least relevant, enabling you to make informed decisions without sacrificing accuracy.

News and Alertsf

Get recent crime and drug related news and alerts on your home screen. Enable push notifications and receive an alert when entering a high risk zone.

Family EmpowermentY

Having the drug conversation within the home or business can be a very difficult situation. We empower parents and employers with relevant information on dealing with drug related issues, having the drug conversation and the steps on getting help.